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• The information contained in the web site has been prepared solely for reference only, without any prejudiced to any personal or company.

• Training Notes, Training CD, SMS info & Training Info(for our students):

The information contained has been prepared solely for the student’s personal reference only. (you are not allow to share or broadcast or circulate to others.)

• In our efforts, there is possibility of the information given herein being inaccurate or incomplete due to any reason whatsoever, hence our disclaimer clause applies.

• You are therefore requested to verify this information before you act upon it.

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• All the media, interview articles and reading/ reference materials appear in our web site are solely belong to the ©Copyright by the individual and respective organizations or companies.

• For further details (terms and conditions) of our training, all students are to refer to us upon registration of training as it is subjected to chances certain training.

• DR-Dogs.COM are not be responsible that the training syllabus or product(s) sold by us, will meet every customer’s need or expectation. As every individual has different expectation or preferences.

• Product(s) sold are not returnable or exchangeable, once the original packing is open and tested to be working in the present of the buyer.

• Product(s) sold by us has already been tested in the present of the buyer that it is in working condition. The buyer will have 3 days to report/ return the product for service repair or replacement subjected to our terms & condition (under manufacturing default and normal use). Mishandling/ misuse / product drop/ destroy by pet / scratches found on product(s) are not valid for the  above.

• Product(s) sold by us are base on free service warranty according to the factory terms and conditions ( manufacturer default). In the event that parts are not available locally/ else where for service replacement. DR-DOGs.COM are not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or expenses sustained. Mishandling/ misuse of the product(s) are not valid for the free service warranty and subjected to service charge.

• In the event that user(buyer) found the product(s) that is not working after used and they insist DR-Dogs to travel to their place for replacement / repair. A transport fees of $15.00 -  $25.00 will be charge to user(buyer).

• Product(s) sold are not guarantee for it’s effective as it depend on the situation of used on the pet and the individual respective breed...! (some pet must take time to adapt to new product implement on them.)

• All product(s) specifications shown in our web are subjected changes without prior notice.   

• In the event that the owner found that their pet is not comfortable using our product(s). they should stop immediately and contact us for further advise.

• DR-Dogs.COM are not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage in the use of product(s) sold be us. Buyer are to read the user manual  before using the product(s) on their pet with care and initiative and at their own risk!

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