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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is your training fee?

Ans: With the guideline prices shown, owner should know their budget and how much you are willing to

pay. Is best you can call for more details as we need information on what you want, problem(s) of your dog, etc.

Q: How long is your training?

Ans: It depend on the package you take etc. Is best you can call for more details.

Q: Any result guarantee?

Ans: Results will be there, it depends on situations and circumstance. (May I know what guarantee you need?

When you attend school did you ask your teacher/ school principle for result guarantee or if you see a lawyer/

doctor/ physiotherapy/ go for a surgery did you ask for any result guarantee? For dog training it involved

owner(s) and dog itself, without look into the actual situation how can anyone commit to you? )

Q: How fast can I see result, after I pay you for the service?

Ans: It depends on how bad is the situation and also how much/ long the “habits” being form. The trainability

of the pup/ dog is also important for certain problem(s), so it is best to get your dog trained as early as possible

during puppy and owner’s has monitor and put and effort in it. We train puppy to mould them according to

your lifestyle. When it come to behavioural(s) problem solving for older puppy/ dog, it depends how bad the

problem(s) is! The longer the owner delay the training the harder you may have face their problem(s), it

depend on situation again. Please note is behavioural(s) solving but not fixing/ repairing a machine with

replacement spare parts, these take time and effort!

Q: At what age, can we train the puppy?

Ans: We trained puppy from 1.5 month old, basically owner(s) will learn how to handle them, toilet training..

and also being advise on all the do and don’t on how to keep them, in order not to have any bad habits/

problems form! For obedience like Sit and Stay it depends on the situation (If puppy is too young and is not the

right time to obedience train, we will not push them further)

Q: What do we use train a dog (training tools)?

Ans: “No Choker Chain for puppy below 6 months”. We use normal 4 to 6 feet leash with a normal collar/

harness to train a puppy/ dog. (Treats and kibbles motivation are initial start, finally is through communication

by voice commands – you can’t always bribe your dog, what happened if it is not food motivated/ you run out

of treats? Every human voice and tone are different, why use a clicker to train your dog if you can

communicate with them?)

Q: What method(s) do you train a dog?

Ans: There is no fix method to train on a dog as every dog/ puppy are individual and special from each other

even if they are the same breed / come from same family!

Q: How long have you been in training dogs?

Ans: More than 20 years, is not the years that you should look out for! Is how the trainer, train you and your

dog as there is too many trainers in the market. The trainer may state the years of experience they have but

how the training was conducted no one knew till you try it yourself!

Q: Why can’t we text you for the training price and details?

Ans: We are too busy to correspond with numerous text messages. We believes if a person is sincere and

interested to get their dog trained, they have no problem talking thru the phone, furthermore there is No

obligation unless you leave in oversea!

Q: Will you be getting someone else to train me and my dog?

Ans: You will be solely training by trainer Stanley Koh, we will no redirect to others to handle your training. or or