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Toilet training (results proven within 1 day of training)





Puppy Interactive  & Handling  Course (proven to be value for money by our customers!)

1. Joyce

2. Victor

3. Another dog’s owner that engage a dog trainer to train he puppy before engaging us to train his 8-9 months old Moca again!

This time was the owner's girl friend that call us to go down for the training. At first the owner Mr Lawrence was quite skeptical with the toilet training for his dog, after I had pointed out the mistake and giving the reasons why? He started to realized what was taught by his ex- dog trainer and what he do was wrong!  Again bad habits was inherited for months for what he was taught and done, these need time to solve!

**What he paid for his ex trainer was much more then what he pay now!

4. Owner had engaged another trainer 1 month ago for full package  training but when asked about retrieving ball from dog’s mouth, toilet training and barking problems, owner was told to buy Anti Bark Collar from him! No definite answers or follow-ups were provided (happened in 2012). But we managed to solve these problems within a day!


After (Solved after 30 mins)


After (Solved after 30 mins)

Retrieve ball or toy from puppy’s mouth

Gaining puppy’s trust from it’s crate

Owner hands on!

Client’s Satisfaction

If you are looking for a training service that is value for money and has quality syllabus, this is the place you are looking for! We do not specially work with pet shops/vets/groomers for commissions from recommending their services.

Our main ambassadors are our students, who understand how we work and will recommend our service to their friends and relatives. Jump to Client’s Satisfaction to see the owners who have engaged our services for their 2nd and 3rd dogs!

Hover over the images to view them or visit To view the latest updates on owner’s feedback, click here.

There are owners who understand the value of our training, and are willing to travel down to our training ground at Hougang Ave 1.

These puppies & dogs come from the same family & many more..... who come to our school to train for the same course. Click on the images to enlarge it.

wp17c60f06_0f.jpg wpb09fd26d_0f.jpg wp7c16cb9e_0f.jpg wp8ad537f7_0f.jpg wp7b71c1af_0f.jpg wpad17c6ed_0f.jpg wp0f9429e7_0f.jpg wp780bb781_0f.jpg wp81ad1919_0f.jpg wpad2817cd_0f.jpg wp1bd0df4c_0f.jpg wp9fe02536_0f.jpg wp133d8b37_0f.jpg wpb003f7b6_0f.jpg wp98bd5e1d_0f.jpg wp7d06f48e_0f.jpg wp1bbc505a_0f.jpg wp34f7b4b0_0f.jpg wpcc482b66_0f.jpg wpf334ae66_0f.jpg wpecdef795_0f.jpg wpf89e5856_0f.jpg wp84b70311_0f.jpg wp7c4e6fd6_0f.jpg wp9302c2b3_0f.jpg wp1d2b13ad_0f.jpg wpe596d657_0f.jpg wpc557ad84_0f.jpg wp5e4b45ff_0f.jpg wp4771d639_0f.jpg wpa0090c36_0f.jpg wpa31cac38_0f.jpg wp1950a54d_0f.jpg wpbae7db8a_0f.jpg wpc614e680_0f.jpg wp1c8de14a_0f.jpg wp493c525e_0f.jpg wpc6c0a1d4_0f.jpg wp1abd2746_0f.jpg wpd68c4a55_0f.jpg wp4eb7378f_0f.jpg wp75a12dac_0f.jpg

These dogs came from the same family and the owner sent their 2nd and 3rd dog for the same course!

wp9921db54_0f.jpg wpfc00460f_0f.jpg wpb3279e6f_0f.jpg wp93d83311_0f.jpg wpfe402db6_0f.jpg wpb96003cb_0f.jpg wp4d105fb9_0f.jpg wp861de15d_0f.jpg wp5cd2f23c_0f.jpg wpb94173ea_0f.jpg wpf5ebdaaf_0f.jpg wp4850cf8b_0f.jpg

These dogs came from the same family and was trained by 3 different trainers before! Now all 3 dogs are under training by our school.

wpe310ad5d_0f.jpg wpf224b46c_0f.jpg wp8bb1dbcc_0f.jpg

The owners sent their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th dog for the same course!

wp3392170f_0f.jpg wpba1dc791_0f.jpg wp403f2983_0f.jpg wpe2a486fb_0f.jpg wp500c6e95_0f.jpg wpb48815a6_0f.jpg

These dogs’ owners continued learning by joining our class trainings after going through the Home Puppy Interactive Course.

wp25d3f2ae_0f.jpg wp226f88c1_0f.jpg wpb3d169f4_0f.jpg wp368d511a_0f.jpg wp39a3e52b_0f.jpg wpd00a789f_0f.jpg wp7fb0abb3_0f.jpg wpfe9fb681_0f.jpg wp8eec5bf4_0f.jpg wp53817112_0f.jpg wp116c41de_0f.jpg wpd89f9c4b_0f.jpg wp5e7c6bb2_0f.jpg wp71719363_0f.jpg wp96db9c57_0f.jpg wpf623ed10_0f.jpg wp5fba1c0b_0f.jpg wp6f0339a3_0f.jpg wpd1e2e3c1_0f.jpg wp0d81d8d3_0f.jpg wp96f1f488_0f.jpg wp09fdf713_0f.jpg wp58bf9b8a_0f.jpg wp1339151f_0f.jpg wp11fe0c1b_0f.jpg wpa85dbf25_0f.jpg wpb4543011_0f.jpg wpb8a06f34_0f.jpg wpb49dceca_0f.jpg wpba901451_0f.jpg wp6219ef7a_0f.jpg wp0148c7e5_0f.jpg wpc428ea2c_0f.jpg wpcc607197_0f.jpg wp8599e3b5_0f.jpg wp601e297e_0f.jpg wp060496bf_0f.jpg wp29264b0c_0f.jpg

Two dogs from the same family & many more engaged our service for home training!

wpafef94bc_0f.jpg wpba02dcd3_0f.jpg wp7c8d27a0_0f.jpg wp451fe68c_0f.jpg wp1b6fcd3a_0f.jpg wpbc8f10eb_0f.jpg wpfa1e6df3_0f.jpg wp2a5b935f_0f.jpg wp48f059ca_0f.jpg wp9db7852b_0f.jpg wpedd457d8_0f.jpg wpbdd5808c_0f.jpg

These dogs had been trained by us and their owners recommended our services to their friends and relatives!