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Our Services

Puppy interactive and Handling Course

Our students and families that have gone through this course have found it informative and beneficial due to our precise teaching and consistent follow-ups on any problems they encounter during and after training. Families are happy to save hundreds and thousands of dollars after attending this course.

It is not the quantity of time to train a dog and owner, it is the quality of time! We make sure that the owners and family understand what we teach before we leave the house, in order to achieve better and faster results, instead of blindly teaching by the book.

What you will learn:

Theory and practical course with hands-on instructions

All kinds of puppy problems such as toilet training, jumping, biting, etc

Obedience and behaviour teaching

Health and food advice

Basic grooming, etc

Duration of course:

2 days intensive course (80% theory 20% practical with proper notes and unlimited support

Training venue:

Island wide at your home

Commencing day and time:

Monday to Sunday (Morning or Afternoon session)

Home Problem(s) solving and Consultation Training

For owners who have a budget and only want to solve a single or several problems within a day of training with limited follow-up after training.

Prices range from S$130 to S$140 for a simple case or S$1500 to $2500 for aggressive dogs above 1 year old, depending on breed of dog and how serious the aggressiveness.*

*Prices are subjected to changes

Examples of problems we can handle:

• Toilet training (indoor and outdoor)

• Biting

• Jumping

• Pulling on leash

• Timid

• Barking, etc

• Obedience training

*Training or consultation fees are subjected to:

• Number of problems to solve

• Number of days and hours of training needed

• Location, age and breed

Subject to availability

• Phone call consultation from S$20.00

• Whatsapp live video consultation from S$50.00

*The above prices stated are subjected to changes. For owners who are interested in our training, please call for details.

Online Service

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AVS Accredited Syllabus - Basic Dog Obedience Training (ADORE)

What you will learn:





Sit Stay

Down Stay

+ 3 more training exercises!

This course is catered for owners who wish to apply for the HDB approval licence for certain breeds, conditions apply! Lessons are conducted at a place near you and in maximum groups of 4 pax!

For more information on the course, you can refer to the dog training syllabus by AVS here.

For more information on this training session, please click here

Dogs/Puppies Toilet Training @ Your Home

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